"This brush is SO lush. So thick, so full. Complex Culture brushes are very high quality. This brush is great for powder, for bronzer. Such a great multi function brush, definitely a must have in your beauty bag!"


Why we started with makeup brushes


We found that 86% of women believe makeup brushes are an essential staple in their beauty routine, yet the majority feel confused about how to use them


We spent 1,000+ hours brainstorming simplified solutions and how to solve beauty-related pain points with a community of women


We personally tested over 1,000 makeup brushes from bestselling and indie brands to identify opportunities for improvement


We meticulously analyzed product comments from over 1 million diverse people ranging from makeup newbies to experts


In focus groups with beauty lovers and staffers, 92% said our brushes helped them to apply their makeup more quickly and easily


In focus groups with beauty lovers and staffers, 90% rated the Complex Culture brush collection 5 stars

We recently partnered with IPSY to share our collection with millions of beauty lovers and here's what a few of them had to say


OMG WOW! This brush is beautiful and well made. There‘s no bristle fall out at all. Plus, the handle is very sturdy and well weighted. I was able to apply my bronzers and finishing powders like a pro.


Totally in love with this brand/brush!


Wow this brush is so nice! It's so soft and versatile! I've replaced three of my old brushes with this one!


A GREAT brush! It picks up and distributed product perfectly. I use it every day!


So incredibly soft. Possibly the softest thing I’ve ever felt. Makes all product go on smooth, flawless, and feels like heaven on my face. Big enough to cover area, but not too big to become unmanageable. 


This brush is SO SOFT, feels very luxe and high end. I also love the unique, flattened shape of the bristles. It allows for tons of multi purpose use.


This is one of my absolute favorite brushes the handle is so soft and the bristles are amazing it's my favorite contour/ bronzing brush I have had so far. I really want the eye brush set now.


This is quickly becoming one of my most frequently used items! I fell deeply in love with this brush the first time I used it.


It’s sooo soft and PERFECT for blending! I use it for my setting powder and it feels amazing and blends everything very well.  


Love this brush! Its nice and soft, plus it feels sturdy.. I think it will last a long time if its taken good care of.


omg love love love this brush! it's so soft and leaves you looking amazing!


This brush is luxurious looking and incredibly soft. It applies bronzer wonderfully!!


This brush is the Cadillac of brushes